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Origo est l'un des principaux partenaires SAP indépendants dans les pays nordiques. Origo est située à Reykjavík et la filiale d'Origo, Applicon, est située à Stockholm. La mission de la société est de permettre aux clients d'acquérir un leadership grâce à des applications commerciales standardisées flexibles et à des conseils intelligents.


Origo is one of the leading independent SAP partners in the Nordics.  Origo is located in Reykjavík and Origo‘s subsidiary Applicon is located in Stockholm.Company's mission is to empower customers to gain leadership through flexible standardized business applications and intelligent consultancy. Origo has a strong partner network with industry leading software vendors, focusing primarily on SAP. The partnership status is a result of extensive knowledge and successful projects in the respective areas.

It is important to have access to in-depth knowledge of the processes that drive your business. Origo has built up extensive industry-specific knowledge and experiences within Financial Services, Transportation, Utilities and Pharmaceutical. The company believes that an essential element of delivering value to customers is to partner with vendors that are the leaders in providing industry specific standard solutions.

Origo‘s team consists of highly skilled individuals that together can build a delivery organization that has proven to meet customer expectations in regards to cost, quality and functionality. A combination of understanding business processes and how to deliver them in multiple situations makes Origo a very interesting alternative. 

Are you planning in implementing SAP rollout in Iceland? Learn more about solutions offered by Origo. 

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