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ACBaltica S/4HANA Conversion Factory

S/4HANA Conversion: benefit on the impressive features of the cutting-edge solution with no interruption to your business processes. ACBaltica offers partners and end clients a unified model of cooperation and can act as a subcontractor to a local partner.

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ACBaltica Conversion Factory

Although SAP announced a shift to S/4HANA in 2015, about 70% of SAP customers still rely on SAP ECC, the previous generation ERP system that SAP will no longer support after 2027. And you can easily guess why: updating a running core business system is always a huge risk. But what if we say that there's a safe strategy to migrate from SAP ECC to S/4HANA without interrupting your running processes? You get all the benefits of the cutting-edge ERP system while preserving your well-known routines and custom developments and saving historical data – all within a limited time and budget!

Move to S/4HANA – without changing your processes

Now that you know the benefits of the latest SAP ERP solution, we have another great news: you can migrate to S/4HANA without changing or major interrupting your business flow. Choose Brownfield Conversion!

To avoid interruptions of the business flow, our team will copy the existing solution and historical data, migrate these to S/4HANA and thoroughly check if everything works correctly. We perform all tests in a so-called sandbox: no interactions with your actual solution before making sure everything works exactly as required. This approach allows us to reduce all possible risks. When we are ready, we update the prod version.

Good news: the downtime period caused by migration takes only about 3-5 hours and can be performed on weekdays or at night. If a 3 hours interruption to the business flow is not an option, we can reduce it to 5-20 minutes – with SAP Near-Zero Downtime technology.

Technically, Brownfield Conversion is migrating your business processes and historical data to the SAP HANA database. You retain your well-tested and proven business processes and gain a mix of new features that weren't available in SAP ECC. If you had any custom code in your previous ERP solution, no worries: Brownfield Conversion methodology allows you to adapt the customizations created for legacy ERP solutions to S/4HANA. The same goes for integrations: you retain all apps you worked with in your legacy ERP system. And remember that while migrating to S/4HANA, you can switch from on-premise to the cloud solution!

Benefits of Brownfield Conversion

Reduce risk

The migration process has a shallow impact on your day-to-day business processes, and the downtime is near zero.

Save resources

You retain your existing business processes (while gaining all the benefits of S/4HANA!) – so there's no need for complicated onboarding training and management changes. The UI is simple and user-friendly, and the same operations take less time – you save your team's time and, eventually – the company's money!

Control the process

With all tests performed in the sandbox, you gain complete control over the conversion process.


Why ACBaltica?

  • Our team has been working with SAP products for over 20+ years – we know all product versions existing since the early 2000-s.
  • We've implemented hundreds of SAP solutions for dozens of industries – and we know the best practices for all of them.
  • We have a diverse team of professionals: in addition to our consultants' perfect knowledge of SAP products, our developers can help migrate the custom code you had with the legacy solution or even create new modifications if needed.
  • With the delivery center in Eastern Europe, we can guarantee the price-quality ratio that will fit your needs.


  • Moving to SAP S/4HANA is not simply a matter of running an upgrade utility on your current business processes and data. It requires a fundamental re-examination of your business processes, your data (and that of your customers), and your infrastructure. Then you'll need to re-implement it all on the new platform to fully realize the benefits that it will bring.
Solution Inovation
  • ACBaltica's team of conversion professionals is 10Steps2S4 certified and has enough experience to carry out the migration process without complications and in a reasonable amount of time
  • It is possible to conduct an audit of the project before its direct launch and assess the risks and benefits.
  • The project draft will prepare for the migration in the best possible way and give a full understanding of the future project.
Value drivers
  • Allows you to deliver consistent, quality software
  • It has optimised timescales and costs.
  • Can offer fixed and highly competitive pricing and turn around times

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With 20 years in development, imlementation, and support of enterprise-level solutions, we know how to make the most of SAP products and turn them into added value for your business