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This is the description for our partner Seidor. Main headquarters in Barcelona, Spain.


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SEIDOR is a technology consulting firm that offers a comprehensive portfolio of solutions and services in innovation, customer experience, ERP, analytics, employee experience, cloud, workplace and cybersecurity. With a turnover of 606 million euros in 2021 and a workforce of more than 6,500 highly qualified professionals, SEIDOR has a direct presence in 41 countries in Europe, Latin America, the United States, the Middle East, Africa and Asia, serving more than 8,500 customers. The consultancy firm is a partner of the main technology leaders, including SAP, Microsoft, IBM, Adobe, Salesforce, Google, AWS and Cisco.

SEIDOR is a global technology consultancy with a comprehensive portfolio that responds to any type of challenge that large companies, SMEs or the public sector may face in order to be more competitive through technology. Its comprehensive portfolio of innovation solutions and services, customer experience, ERP, analytics, employee experience, cloud, workplace and cybersecurity is specifically designed to help organisations overcome their challenges and achieve their goals.

The main sectors in which SEIDOR offers services are: Public Administration, Agri-Food,  Food & Beverage, Banking & Insurance, Ceramics, Construction, Pharmaceutical Distribution, Education, Pharmaceuticals, Automotive & Aeronautics, Engineering & Machinery, Processing Products, Retail, Healthcare, Professional Services and Transport.

At SEIDOR, they have believed in the transformative power of technology for more  than 40 years, always with a clear objective: to care about, and take care of, people.


40 Years / 41 countries / +8.000 Clients / +6.500 Professionals

With the collaboration with other United VARs members including Anwerthink (India) and Seidor Westrocon (South Africa) , SEIDOR Spain helped Iberchem Group with the implementation of SAP Business Suite ECC to increase security in critical business processes, and maintain a stable and common database for all subsidiaries of the Group. Iberchem Group is a leading global fragrance manufacturer based in 19 countries. It consolidated its global accounting data with SAP in a single financial year. Are you interested in the milestones and results of the project? 

Read Iberchem's Success Story 

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