Posigneo POS for SAP with seamless integration – Promotion Campaings
POS for SAP: MIBCON presents Posigneo POS system for Retail companies

Looking for a POS software developed for SAP? Seamlessly integrating with your ERP? Explore Posigneo by MIBCON

Posigneo is a modern, process-oriented software solution for stores and outlets that allows customer check-ins across various sales channels in your retail network. It offers direct integration with SAP S/4HANA and other professional ERP systems, eliminating the need for master data transformation.

Posigneo supports processes in the areas of Customer Checkout, Customer Loyalty and In-store Management.

Customer Checkout: Posigneo provides seamless retail operations, covering sales, payments, financial transactions as well as closings. The POS system runs both online and offline. POS Management handles your sales network and receipt storage.

Posigneo supports you in many areas of Customer checkout including:

  • Guided Selling
  • Promotion Engine - Designed to allow no code management of complex promotion activities (discounts, collecting loyalty points etc.), Posigneo makes a complete solution for driving sales and increasing customer engagement 
  • Workflows - Posigneo allows you to set up operation processes as workflows to reduce the risk of human errors. Individual steps and operations can be defined without any programming. As a result, you are able to speed up activities such as financial closings, money transfers to the vault etc.

Customer Loyalty: Posigneo helps you gain a 360-degree view of your customers by capturing every action and interaction across multi channels. Paired with our dynamic promo engine, it makes an effective tool to support your marketing activities. Optionally, you can integrate Posigneo with your existing CRM system through our API.

With Posigneo, you can easily manage various areas including your customer database, vouchers or conversation flows.

In-store Management: Posigneo enables you to manage all your store's logistic processes in one place, including goods issue, stock transfers, orders, claims and returns. The POS system seamlessly generates logistical documentation that is compatible with your ERP. As a results, you can conduct physical inventory counts directly at the POS or through a mobile app.

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