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How DynaSys sped up the sourcing process of Hong Kong Tourism Board

Project Description

Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) is the 1st Hong Kong government sub-vented body to deploy SAP Ariba Sourcing. HKTB endeavors to increase the contribution of Hong Kong’s tourism and promote Hong Kong globally as a leading international city in Asia and a world-class tourist destination.

The previous HKTB procurement process was quite manual including using email to invite tender submission and check the status one-by-one through email. The officer needed to handle many procurement activities. Therefore, HKTB looked for an advanced system to increase productivity and accuracy.

SAP Ariba sourcing empowers HKTB to manage and optimize their entire sourcing, contracting and spend analysis process. SAP Ariba sourcing can automatically centralize strategic sourcing information and provide the right sourcing process and workflow to reduce the offer’s tracking time.

In addition, SAP Ariba sourcing offers a “reintegrated solution”, it allows a saving pipeline and tracking functionality for driving and evaluating the impact of sourcing programs. It helps to capture the sourcing activities and gain insights into the whole sourcing progress.

DynaSys is the SAP platinum partner in Hong Kong and has received SAP Certified Partner Centre of Expertise (PCOE) partner for 10 consecutive years. HKTB believes that DynaSys can go beyond the 99.9% SLA and provide real-time support to them. Therefore, HKTB partnered with DynaSys to run the SAP Ariba Sourcing Solution.


HKTB invited many bidders to solve their business problems. They were looking for an experienced vendor with a customer-centric attitude to provide real-time support service to them.

After evaluating all bidders, DynaSys was the only system integrator to fulfill their needs and gain confidence for long-term support.

Customer Benefits

With the support of DynaSys to deploy the SAP Ariba Sourcing solution, HKTB’s officer can send out tender invitations automatically, track and trace the invitation status, and trace back vendors’ responses cost-effectively. SAP Ariba Sourcing combines sourcing and negotiation technology, it enables HKTB to reduce their sourcing cycle times and administrative costs, faster identify a qualified supplier, negotiate best-value agreements and favorable pricing, as well as implement supplier agreements quickly.

In addition, SAP Ariba Sourcing empowers HKTB to develop the best practices and centralize all sourcing processes online. It allows them to manage sourcing activities everywhere.

Why DynaSys Solutions Limited ?

In the whole communication process, HKTB appreciates DynaSys’ positive service attitude, professionalism, and certified Ariba consultants. DynaSys demonstrates dedication to providing a reliable and high-quality service.

With a proven track record in delivering SAP Ariba Sourcing, DynaSys committed to deploying the project within 3 months and offered a one-on-one SAP Ariba solution support service. HKTB believes DynaSys was the right service partner to deploy SAP Ariba Sourcing and empower them to focus on their core business.

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Description: The Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) is a government-subvented body, that was founded on 1 April 2001. It was reconstituted by the Hong Kong Tourist Association, which was established in 1957. They endeavor to market and promote Hong Kong as a travel destination worldwide and to enhance visitors' experience once they arrive. More

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DynaSys Solutions Limited is the only SAP Platinum Partner in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. The company provides one-stop shop for SAP solutions and services to customers. With its certified SAP consultants, SAP PCOE certified help-desk support and authorized education services, DynaSys is able to provide reliable and professional services to all customers.