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B2B Customer Portal based on SAP BTP

B2B Sales Portal Based on SAP BTP

Empower customers to manage their orders, gain visibility into client demands, and streamline all client interactions onto one user-friendly platform. Simplify and automate ordering and sales processes, reduce managers' load, and optimize your sales workflow like never before!

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B2B Customer Portal based on SAP BTP

In a rapidly evolving B2B landscape, companies face the challenge of managing complex sales cycles, maintaining partner relationships, and ensuring real-time access to critical information for their clients. The need for an integrated, cloud-based solution for managing B2B clients is a paramount.


B2B customers are unable to: 

  • View information about available products,
  • Gain data about actual price lists,
  • Self-create orders, 
  • Collaborate on order terms (dates, prices, discounts, and more),
  • Check order statuses and receive notifications about changes in order statuses,
  • Effortlessly manage their company data, 
  • Instantly generate sales contracts,
  • Access order history,
  • Easily reorder based on previous purchases,
  • Provide feedback on the sales process.

Sales Managers don’t have options to: 

  • Automatically create price lists,
  • Customize client-specific price lists,
  • Easily manage prices, discounts, and sales terms,
  • Effortlessly handle order statuses,
  • Gain customer feedback for analysis and proper response.
Solution Inovation

With the B2B Sales Portal, you gain a unified platform for your sales teams and B2B customers. It provides customers with self-service capabilities and releases the load from sales managers, allowing them to boost their performance. 

Value drivers
  • Unified, user-friendly platform with up-to-date information on orders and sales

You have complete client and sales information conveniently stored and managed in one place.

  • Personal customer dashboard with a complete history of their interactions 

Your customers see all data about their purchases visualized in a user-friendly manner.

  • Sales process automation

You save time and resources by automating regular operations and processes.

  • Reduced sales managers' workload and order processing costs

Since most sales processes are automated, your sales managers can dedicate their time and resources to other important tasks.

  • Increased sales productivity

Spend less time on the same operations – and process more clients in the same amount of time! Provide better service due to user-friendly UI and improvements based on data-driven decisions.  

  • Ability to plan production based on confirmed orders

Ensure your manufacturing capabilities are aligned with customer demand. 

  • Seamless integration into your SAP landscape

The solution easily integrates with the SAP solutions you're already running, creating a unified SAP-based ecosystem for better management and increased performance.

  • Sales analytics for better insights

Thanks to analytics and reports on your sales process, you can ensure your decisions are based on complete and up-to-date data.


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