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Portable Field Workstations based on SAP Service Cloud

Portable Field Workstations based on SAP Service Cloud

Revolutionize your field service management and ensure fieldworkers' access to vital information (even offline!), optimal workload distribution, and comprehensive analytics on their performance—all based on real-time data.

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Portable Field Workstations based on SAP Service Cloud

Every company that provides services out of the office (no matter the industry!) needs a solution to manage their field workers, track and increase their performance. This includes: 

  • a system to plan customer visits, ensuring efficient task allocation and even workload distribution, 
  • service engineers’ access to real-time customer and equipment information while in the fields at the customers', even with no network coverage, 
  • tools for seamless time tracking, 
  • analytics and reports to analyze field service performance.

Portable Field Workstations face all these challenges.

  • Disconnected Information. Field engineers have no access to customer history, equipment details, and service records while on-site (including with no network coverage).
  • Inefficient Workload Distribution. Manual assignment of tasks leads to uneven workloads and delays.
  • Lack of Analytics. The absence of comprehensive analytics hinders performance evaluation and its improvement.
Solution Inovation

With our solution, you can equip your fieldworkers with an application accessible on any device, ensuring their access to real-time, up-to-date customer information and service records, even when out of the office and offline. The solution also allows for seamless data synchronization between field stations and offices to facilitate informed decision-making and heightened operational efficiency. Furthermore, it gives you tools to track the performance of your field workers and, finally, empowers you with analytics and reports on your field services

Value drivers
  • Enhanced Field Worker Efficiency. By adopting our solution, you provide your field workers with an intuitive, user-friendly application that gives them access to comprehensive customer and service history information. The application is accessible from any device and even offline. You also gain management tools to optimize your field workers’ workload and increase their performance.
  • Streamlined Operations. Effortlessly synchronize data between field stations and offices, facilitating informed decision-making and ensuring consistency across the board. Say goodbye to data discrepancies and delays. 
  • Improved Performance Monitoring. Track and optimize field worker performance with comprehensive tools. Gain insights into their efficiency, allowing for targeted improvements, optimized performance, and streamlined operations. Enable informed decision-making based on real-time data! 
  • In-depth Service Analytics. Harness comprehensive analytics capabilities providing actionable insights into field services. Understand service quality, engineer efficiency, and service frequency for informed decision-making. 
  • Cost-effective Implementation. As a standalone product, this solution requires minimal resources and can be implemented within approximately four months. Enjoy the benefits of enhanced field force management without excessive costs.
  • Unified digital SAP ecosystem. The solution targets your service teams – but you can easily upgrade it with SAP Sales Cloud (or other SAP products!) and create a unified ecosystem for your sales and service departments,, ensuring no potential customer is missed and everyone gets exceptional service.
  • Versatile Suitability. Tailored for companies across any field service industry, this solution seamlessly integrates into existing business processes. You can easily customize it to adapt to your unique workflows – no matter the company or industry.

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